The Journal of Indonesian Natural History will be published biannually by the Department of Biology at the Andalas University, Padang, Sumatra Barat, Indonesia, in collaboration with Copenhagen Zoo, Denmark.

The Department of Biology at Andalas University is dedicated to educating Indonesian biologists in the study and conservation of Indonesia‚Äôs biodiversity and natural history.

Copenhagen Zoo, through its Research and Conservation Division, supports in-situ conservation in Southeast Asia by assisting local organizations and individuals who undertake research, capacity building or the implementation of conservation programmes and projects.


Online: 2685-5437
Print: 2338-865X

Journal History

  • The launch of the Journal of Indonesian Natural History took place on the 12th of September, 2012, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary
    of the Department of Biology, University of Andalas
  • The first published issue Vol 1(1) was in July 2013
  • In 2017, Vol 5(1) and Vol 5(2) 2017 appear as one Volume, because of lack of article in each issue.
  • In 2019, JINH is going online. The entire process of migrating the JINH, setting up the new online submission systems, testing it and being ready to receive submissions does not happen by itself overnight. It has resulted in a few delays of getting Vol 6(2) uploaded. Therefore, Vol 7(1) and Vol 7(2) will appear as one Volume.