Students' Research Projects

  • JINH Editors


  • Orangutans as Seed Dispersers

  • The Conservation and Ecology of the Red Langur (Presbytis rubicunda) in Sabangau Tropical Peat-Swamp Forest

  • Satellite Tracking, Social Behaviour and Management of the Bornean Elephant in Sabah, Malaysia

  • Human-crocodile Conflict: Increasing Understanding through use of Satellite Tracking, Education and Management

  • Fragment Size, Edge effects, and Anthropogenic Factors influences on the Movement, Distribution and Parasite load of Proboscis Monkeys (Nasalis larvatus) in the Kinabatangan Floodplain, Sabah

  • Conservation Genetics of the Proboscis Monkey (Nasalis larvatus) in Sabah

  • Population ecology, demography and home range size of Bos javanicus lowi using an integrative approach of satellite telemetry, remote camera trapping and molecular analysis

  • Feedbacks between fire, vegetation, and landscape configuration: Peat swamp forest dynamics in the changing tropical landscape

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Students' Research Projects